Mental health affects us all. No one, absolutely no one, is exempt. With an ever increasing prevalence of mental illness, we must start the dialogue, break the shame, educate individuals of the resources available, and train everyday people how to respond in time of crisis.
Mental Illness does not have a face. Let's all be mindful, don't judge. If you or someone you know is suffering in silence, know that you are not alone.
You are loved. Your life has purpose.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.8255


We acknowledge mental illness is very real. Not a trend or hot
topic, but an unseen ailment affecting several individuals.
Everyday, in any given moment, someone is battling depression, anxiety, bipolar or everything in between. Let's talk about it.


We desire to bring comfort to the diagnosed and encourage
the silent sufferers, we are in this together. You are not alone.
You are loved. Your life has purpose and help is available.


We inform individuals of available resources to get help,
train everyday people signs/symptoms of common mental
illness and how to intervene in a crisis.


Learn more about mental health resources from the following organizations.